Were your Floor Coatings Prepared Properly Before Installation?

We cannot stress enough how vital proper surface prep is to effective, lasting floor coatings. As many as 80% of flooring system failures are caused by poor surface prep. Are you noticing blisters or bubbling in your brand-new coatings? Are you already seeing undue wear and tear on your costly investment?

Proper flooring surface prep includes, at minimum, that the surface be:
  • clean
  • dry
  • dust-free
  • blasted with abrasives

Additionally, different surfaces may require different extra steps, which a competent floor coating installer should be able to assess and advise you about.  The condition of the existing floor must also be evaluated for further or additional treatment.

If you suspect that the professional who installed your floor coating cut corners, didn't have the proper knowledge or expertise, or didn't communicate to you the needs of your particular floor condition or what your options were, then let's talk. We can discuss your situation and get an idea of the problems you're seeing, and we'll be glad to give you a second opinion.  Your flooring system is an investment in asset protection, and you deserve to know that you are getting your money's worth out of it.