Safety First: Work Safety in the Floor Coatings Environment

Posted by Jamie Gillespie on Aug 11, 2015 12:49:41 PM

Safety In The Floor Coatings IndustryEvery industry has different needs when it comes to operating safely and efficiently. The floor coatings industry is no exception. It can be all too easy to leave well enough alone and allow your floors to slowly deteriorate, turning small repair or maintenance needs into big ones and risking injury and an unsafe work environment. This kind of neglect may end up causing large problems that require major and costly solutions.

Eliminate the potential for accidents before they happen by implementing the best floor coating for your industry. CPC Floor Coatings will help you find the right floor coating to protect your employees, your assets, and your products.

What We Can Do For You

  • Slip Resistant Floor Coatings - Did you know that slip-and-falls are the second most common type of workplace injury, according to Keep these injuries at a minimum by applying slip resistant floor coatings.
  • Safety ID and Production 5S Floor Coatings - Ensure that your employees will know with only a glance which machinery goes where, what pathways need to remain clear, which are appropriate for walking, and which zones belong to each department.  This is essential for keeping up productivity and not losing valuable time dealing with safety concerns or employee confusion.
  • Moisture Vapor Control Floor Coatings - If your floor is a concrete slab or if your environment routinely contains water that can pool, test your facility’s moisture levels and implement the moisture control system or moisture mitigating coating that’s best for you and safest for your employees.
  • Extreme Chemical Resistant Floor Coatings - Manufacturing and other process facilities should utilize chemical and wear resistant coatings to ensure that their employees (and customers) are safe. You need to apply floor coatings that are expressly designed to withstand continued exposure to hazardous chemicals, acids, corrosives, and/or abrasives that would wear other floors away.
  • USDA Approved Floor Coatings - By implementing the appropriate USDA approved floor coatings, you can guarantee that your workplace will be safer, more efficient, and more productive without the risk of mold, bacteria, disease, or other contaminations or injuries due to unsafe flooring.
  • Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) Floor Coatings - Electronics almost always contain materials that are highly sensitive to static charges in the air and that can be affected by the floor and wall coatings you choose. If you’re in the electronics industry, ESD coatings help to control that static charge, keeping it from affecting sensitive materials or shocking employees.

If your needs aren’t necessarily specific to your industry but are still centered around safety and aesthetics you can always consider our epoxy or urethane floor coatings as well as our concrete polishing services. Regardless of how specific or general your needs are, it’s likely that we have the perfect solution for you and can implement it on schedule and within your budget every time. Give us a call at (864) 855-0600 or schedule a consulatation online today to help put an end to accidents before they begin.

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