Steps to Properly Clean Your Existing Concrete Surface

Posted by Jamie Gillespie on Mar 9, 2016 1:14:15 PM

ConcreteMost industrial facilities in the South Carolina area have concrete flooring, which needs to be properly tended to in order to uphold its shine and durability. When you are ready to have professionals come in to give the floor a polish or new coating, things will go much more smoothly when your existing floor has been properly maintained.

Here’s how to properly clean concrete floors, so that you can keep your facility looking nice while also preparing for your next polish or coating.

Basic Concrete Cleaning

In order to clean concrete floors, there are a few house-keeping things you can do to keep the floor well maintained. For instance, understand which chemicals and levels of humidity can affect the coating on your concrete floor, and clean accordingly. Have an emergency spill kit on hand just in case a coworker or customer accidentally spills a harmful chemical on the flooring. That way, you can keep the floor clean and personnel safe at the same time.

Additionally, sweep up daily debris and dirt. Depending on how much foot traffic your place of business sees, you will need to wash the concrete floor regularly with a high-powered hose. When the floor is wet, scrub it with a safe cleaner and a soft bristled brush to remove of any grime that might be embedded into the surface. Rinse again and allow for the floor to dry before anyone walks across it.

Remove Oil and Grease Stains

During your cleaning, you may find that there is a stain or oil spill that has seemingly grown an attachment to your concrete floor. For oil stains, carefully spray the affected area with bleach; scrub and rinse until the mark is gone. Grease can interestingly enough be removed with fresh kitty litter, if you let it sit on the spot for a number of days. Afterwards, simply sweep up the litter, dispose of it properly, and the stain should be gone.

Methods to Deep Clean Concrete Flooring

Every so often, it is not a bad idea to deep clean your concrete floor or have a professional do so. These methods can include but are not be limited to: abrasive blasting, acid etching, and pressurized water. All the layers of grime should be removed from your floor after this type of cleaning, but it can also buff everything down to bare concrete. After a deep clean, you will need to have your concrete floor polished or layered with a new urethane coating.

Have Your Floor Professionally Polished

There are many benefits to having your concrete floor professionally polished, such as a high-gloss finish and ultimate sanitation. As mentioned previously, when you keep your concrete floor clean, this process can move more quickly, as the professional team is not having to access major areas of damage. But if you have found that your concrete floor is less than lackluster, a professional polish can be the ultimate step in your cleaning regimen.

For more information on clean concrete floor care and having your floor polished, feel free to contact us at CPC Floor Coatings, here in South Carolina. 

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