Surface Preparation For Industrial Facilities

Posted by Jamie Gillespie on Nov 16, 2015 4:26:25 PM

Surface PreparationIf you own a business that operates out of an industrial facility, you may be wondering about the upkeep and maintenance of your flooring. Most industrial facilities see a lot of traffic across their floors, and the best way to keep your workspace safe and clean is to install a floor coating.

While installing floor coatings in your industrial facility sounds like an extensive process, it doesn’t have to be. Hiring professionals to handle the surface preparation and coating of your industrial facility's floors will ensure that the job is done correctly.

Why is Surface Preparation Important?

In order to get the most out of your industrial floor coating, surface preparation is a vital step in the coating process. By ridding your floor of any debris and preparing it for coating, the components will be better able to bond to the surface of the concrete. This ensures that your flooring is both stronger and longer-lasting.

What Are the Steps of Surface Preparation?

Depending on the condition of your substrate surface, the steps of surface preparation can vary, which is why it is important to hire professionals to have the job performed correctly. Before mechanical surface preparation is initiated, the concrete will have to undergo a number of evaluations to assure the success of the installation of the specified system .

What Are These Evaluations?

To ensure the best adhesion for your floor coating, a number of tests can be provided in the surface preparation process. Generally, concrete floors are tested for a curing compound. When concrete is poured, a curing compound is applied to the surface. If this compound is detected, it will have to be removed. Additionally, the concrete needs to be tested for oil and other potential contaminates that can interfere with the coating adhesion process. If any contaminates are present, additional steps may be required to abate the issue.

The moisture of the concrete will also be examined in surface preparation, as moisture can indicate an underlying issue with the concrete foundation itself. If any issues with the subflooring are found, they will have to be addressed before a new coating can be installed.

How Do You Prepare for the New Coating?

After the concrete has been evaluated and the aforementioned issues are not a concern, the floor can then be mechanically abraded to create a profile, remove any remaining debris, or exist coating as necessary. This will give the concrete a proper surface for the new coating to be installed.

Installing new coating to your industrial facility can be beneficial to your company and safer for your employees. If you are interested in learning more about floor coatings, contact us today!

Surface Preparation

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