A Protective, Non-slip Coating for a Concrete Loading Ramp

Posted by Jamie Gillespie on Dec 16, 2016 8:43:00 AM

Coating for Concrete Loading Ramp.jpgRecently our crew applied a protective coating to a concrete off-loading containment ramp for an aerospace client. Since this ramp functions as a containment area, it was important that we chose a coating that is chemical resistant as well as one that could stand up to the outdoor elements.

Our Concrete Coating Solution

Our team applied a water-based, modified urethane coating, which features characteristics of both epoxy and urethane. It protects the concrete underneath from chemical attack, and it’s strong enough to provide wear resistance and prevent impact damage that may happen during loading and unloading heavy materials. The concrete ramp coating is also non-slip for increased worker safety.

(Learn more about the benefits of epoxy, urethane, and other specialty floor coatings).

We know that production downtime is a big deal for facility owners. Fortunately, this particular coating cures quickly, meaning the ramp didn't have to stay out of commission for long.  Since the loading ramp is located outdoors, we also chose a coating that’s suitable for concrete that may stay damp during rainy weather.

It might seem like a small job, but it’s made a big difference to the people who use this ramp as part of their work routine!  

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