Finding The Perfect Industrial Floor Contractor

Posted by Jamie Gillespie on Apr 21, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Finding the perfect industrial floor contractorA floor coating for a large industrial space can add up to a significant investment, but when the installation is done properly, it can equal incredible benefits and tangible financial returns. The only challenge is finding an industrial floor contractor who can perform your floor coating installation to the degree of care and skill required.

Site owners and building managers should look for the following qualities in a professional floor coating installation contractor to get the best results possible and the best value for their money:


Experience can be the number one differentiator in quality and performance when it comes to industrial floor coating installation. Simply put, many contracting firms offer a huge range of services that could include industrial floor coatings. However, since they do not specialize, they lack the particular knowledge and skills to perform the job using best practices. The results can be inconsistent in the best case or a complete bonding failure in the worst case. Getting compensated for their mistakes is not always easy, either, especially if it has been months since the job was performed.

Industrial floor coating contractors who specialize do not attempt to “wing it” or apply skills that work for other projects but not for floor coatings. Instead, they use highly specified knowledge to efficiently get the job done while avoiding common mistakes. They are also more likely to be thorough since they have an eye for situations that could diminish quality, allowing them to successfully mitigate them.

On the whole, experience is a critical quality in an industrial floor coating contractor that should never be underestimated.

Attention to Detail

Many contractors rush from one job to the next to collect as much money as possible in the shortest amount of time. This purely profit-driven motive leaves behind a wake of unsatisfied customers who get only a small portion of what they were promised.

The best industrial floor coating contractors not only have the experience to recognize potential flaws or miscalculations, but they have enough passion for their work to go back and correct them.

Apathy is a terrible quality in a contractor, so make sure to find a floor coating specialist that takes pride in their work. Also make sure that your flooring contractor has the level of integrity needed to offer true value in their services to clients. Such a contractor may not always have the lowest bid, but they will certainly provide more consistent, long-term benefits, making them the smarter investment.

Diverse Capabilities and Equipment

Going back to contracting firms that only offer floor coatings as a small portion of their services, lacking equipment and the ability to receive the needed supplies can be another determining factor in how capable they are at serving your needs. Specialized industrial floor contractors have access to specialty floor coating systems and the knowledge to implement them effectively.

Perhaps more importantly, they have the specific tools needed for the job. Large floor grinders are a significant investment that most contractors will forego in favor of cheaper solutions. Contractors that specialize in floor coatings will have equipment like this, among other tools, that creates ideal surface preparation conditions to maximize the bonding strength of the coating.

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