Professional Coating Preparation: Repairing Existing Floors

Posted by Jamie Gillespie on Feb 2, 2016 2:21:19 PM

concrete flooringMaintaining an industrial floor requires a certain level of care in order for it to last. However, flooring can wear down no matter how much care and attention is given, leading to the need for a new industrial coating or polish. When you're looking to prepare industrial flooring for new coating, you may find it necessary to first repair the existing floors with the help of a professional. Here's how it's done: 

Repairing Concrete Flooring

Concrete is a sturdy material found in most industrial settings. Despite its solidity, it can still crack and loose its high quality of support, especially when subject to extreme wear. In order to prepare concrete flooring for a new coating or polish, repairs need to be made. This ensures that the new layers are properly applied and extends their natural lifespan.

Areas showing damage will be assessed and measured in terms of how much effort it will take to repair the cracks or chips.

If these areas of concern are minor, then they can most likely be patched and smoothed over. If the level of the concrete remains consistent afterward, no further repair will be needed. If there is structural damage to the foundation, the flooring might need to be replaced entirely before a new coating or polishing takes place.

Main Steps in Repairing Existing Floors

While most industrial flooring has a concrete base, the coatings on top of that base can vary. In order to prepare for a new coating, the repair may consist of prepping the existing coating, especially if it is damaged. In many cases, the current protections need to be removed altogether in order for the new coating to form a proper seal.

Sometimes, these existing floor coatings can be buffed down until the surface is free of cracks and peels. Additionally, if there are any defects in the finish, like spalling or moisture damage, these issues will need to be addressed. Professionals are concerned with creating a smooth, flat and even surface upon which new coating can be poured, because the possibility of creating a quality seal for a long-lasting floor is higher.

Preparing for Coating and Polishing

Once all cracks and holes have been patched and seals have been either removed or smoothed, the preparation for a new coating or polish can begin.

This process usually involves some method of deep cleaning, depending on the type of coating you are readying to lay down. Ample time must also be allowed for the flooring to dry in preparation for the new coating to be laid, unless a special method like wet concrete polishing will be used.

This reinforces a flat and smooth surface upon which the new coating can be poured. If you are looking to have your concrete floor polished, having this smooth surface is vital because a polish merely puts a shine on the existing floor. If there is any damage to the concrete, it will still be evident after the polish process is over. 

Are You Ready To Repair Your Existing Concrete Flooring?

Do you manage a South Carolina business that has an industrial flooring? If repairing existing floors needs to occur before your next coating or polish, give us a call at (864) 855-0600 or contact us online  today for additional information on the services we offer.

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