The Benefits of Polishing Your Concrete Floors

Posted by Jamie Gillespie on Sep 29, 2016 8:00:00 AM

The benefits of concrete polishingThe primary problem, when it comes to unpolished concrete flooring, is the high profile of its surface (IE, the average size between its hills and valleys). While this difference is largely microscropic, the presence of pin holes and valleys can lead to accumulation of dust and long-term problems with maintenance.

The second problem with unpolished concrete flooring? Its lack of aesthetics and dull, monotonous gray color. Polished concrete flooring not only adds to aesthetics and employee morale, it also provides other benefits, too. Let us explain.

Polished concrete flooring supports the required strength and resiliency commercial and industrial facilities need: Depending on the quality of cement and what aggregates are involved, basic unpolished concrete can have a compression strength of 3000 to 6000 PSI. Polishing the flooring (with the addition of polishing densifiers) can add another 500 to 1000 PSI of strength to the surface. Polished concrete floors are subject to heavy pedestrian and vehicular traffic, including fork lifts and rubber-tired light vehicles, so a strong foundation is essential. Using densifiers like potassium or lithium silicate while polishes increases the surface hardness even more, leading polished concrete to generally have an improved surface hardness of 7 or more on Moh's scale. This translates to increased scratch resistance and a longer-lasting floor.

This type of flooring enhances overall aesthetics by adding smoothness and a level of gloss: The polishing of concrete is done in several stages. It begins with grinding the surface using diamond tools, as well as smoother resin-bonded grits of 1500 to 3000, resulting in a very smooth finish. This smooth surface can be made matte at your request, or polished to an even higher gloss level. The main benefit to glossing is primarily a resistance to dust, leading to easier, quicker maintenance and preventing dust particles from becoming trapped within your floors. An easy and cost-effective option for companies looking to protect their bottom-line. 

Stained polished concrete flooring helps with overall morale: Concrete floors can be colored by staining, with customized designs created during the polishing process. Acetone stain or dye colors will penetrate into the upper medium of concrete without damaging it, leaving a long-lasting impression. This allows facilities to create designs that clearly designate different departments, machinery platforms, and directions for employees to follow without having to waste time on re-painting the floors every few months due to heavy use. Even without added stains or dyes, polishing your concrete flooring will improve lighting, enhancing safety and overall work morale. 

Cost benefits compared to other types of flooring are excellent: The initial cost of a polished concrete surface can be low when compared to other methods of flooring. Industry comparisons have revealed that the initial cost of a polished concrete surfaces can vary from $1.50 to $5 per square foot.

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