Cost-Effective and Durable Flooring for Retail Spaces

Posted by Jeremy Gillespie on Oct 10, 2017 12:30:00 PM

dry concrete polishing CPC.jpg Looking to upgrade your existing retail space, or opening up a brand-new store? Chances are you’ll want to include flooring that will stand up to day-to-day abuse—without breaking the bank, if possible.

If you want to get away from easy-to-stain carpet, easy-to-crack tile, or easy-to-damage vinyl, consider starting from the bare bones of your space: your existing concrete slab.

Making use of the underlying concrete is a cost-effective way to improve your retail space flooring without spending a fortune. Here are a few ways that you can dress up your concrete for a durable, long-lasting retail flooring solution:

Polished Concrete

What it is: Your existing concrete slab, physically ground and polished to a glossy shine (pictured above)

Key benefits:

  • Improves the concrete’s natural hardness and durability
  • Attractive, smooth, and glossy surface
  • Simple to clean
  • Can remain grey, reveal hidden textures, or have colors added through staining
  • Eliminates dust “shedding” common to untreated concrete
  • Good traction even when wet
  • Easy to maintain (a re-buffing of the surface every few years)

Drawbacks: Soaks up liquids, can be stained by oil drips, slippery in especially dusty conditions

Common retail flooring applications:

  • Warehouse-style stores
  • Retail spaces with an “industrial” vibe
  • Retail spaces with a simplified, chic aesthetic
  • Shops with a spacious lobby

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Urethane Floor Coating

Urethane over cement flooringWhat it is: An ultra-durable liquid coating that can be applied over many types of existing flooring, including concrete and hardwood

Key benefits:

  • Superior resistance to abrasion, scratches, and chipping
  • Resists damage from liquids, oils, and even chemicals
  • Simple to clean
  • Adds a satin shine to existing flooring
  • Can protect hardwoods while not diminishing their beauty
  • May last a decade or longer before needing re-application

Drawbacks: Needs a few days to cure during installation

Common retail flooring applications:

  • High-traffic retail areas that need extra protection
  • Restaurants, kitchens, and food outlets
  • Spaces with existing hardwood

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Epoxy Floor Coating

6251.jpegWhat it is: A two-part liquid floor coating that creates a strong chemical bond with the floor; typically used with (but not limited to) concrete flooring

Key benefits:

  • Strong resistance to abrasions, scratches, and chipping
  • Resists damage from liquids, oils, and even chemicals
  • Simple to clean
  • Versatile palate of colors available; can be used to create graphics or striping
  • Eye-catching patterns available, including shimmering metallic, swirls, and confetti-like flakes
  • If applied correctly, may last up to a decade before needing re-application

Drawbacks: Requires thorough cleaning and preparation of existing floor to ensure a proper bond

Common retail flooring applications:

  • High-traffic retail areas
  • Restaurants, kitchens, and food outlets
  • Retail spaces that require graphics and marked pathways

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