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Why does an epoxy floor coating bubble?

Posted by Jamie Gillespie on Mar 4, 2016 9:08:01 AM

Nothing can be more frustrating than investing your time and money into something that seemingly doesn’t work. While epoxy floor coatings have a number of great benefits, including their durability, cost-effectiveness, and array of available colors, they do have the tendency to bubble when not applied correctly.

What causes these unsightly bubbles, and how can they be prevented?

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How long will it take to repair my industrial floor coatings?

Posted by Jamie Gillespie on Feb 19, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Though industrial flooring solutions will last as long as you maintain them well, there still will come a time when these surfaces need to be replaced. Whether you are doing so for cosmetic reasons or to repair flooring with compromised integrity, the amount of time these projects can take will vary.

Here’s the process of what happens when you replace industrial flooring, and how long it might halt regular productions in your facility.

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Concrete Resurfacing Solutions for Industrial Facilities

Posted by Jamie Gillespie on Jan 19, 2016 10:05:10 AM

If it is time to resurface your industrial facility’s concrete floor, you might be wondering what your options are. When you start the process of choosing the right industrial floor coating for your business, you'll have to consider things like the type of business that runs in your facility, and how much foot traffic there is on a daily basis. Here’s more on the concrete resurfacing solutions available for South Carolina industrial facility owners, so that you can choose the best surface for you. 

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Choosing The Best Flooring For High Traffic Areas

Posted by Jamie Gillespie on Jan 12, 2016 11:02:10 AM

Industrial and commercial floors take serious abuse. Daily foot traffic, heavy machinery, large equipment, and constantly-moving inventory can all wear it down bit by bit, eventually causing areas of noticeable damage.

If you are an industrial or commercial site owner (whether it's a retail space, manufacturing plant, warehouse, or another type of facility), then you have the monumental task of selecting a flooring option that can withstand high levels of daily wear and tear. Here are some of the options and their varying levels of suitability:

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Understanding Electrostatic Dissipative Flooring and ESD

Posted by Jamie Gillespie on Dec 22, 2015 10:00:00 AM

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a major profit killer in the electronics industry. Businesses that store, handle, manufacture, or otherwise interact with electronic products on a regular basis run the risk of damaging them when an ESD event occurs. Just the tiniest of ESD shocks — so small that the human nervous system cannot detect it — can be enough to cause harm or completely destroy exposed or under-insulated circuit boards when they are handled by employees.

To combat this danger and plug up a major source of leaking revenue, electronics companies and companies that interact with microchip-enabled consumer products must find ways to prevent ESD events from happening. One of the most comprehensive methods for reducing or eliminating ESDs is by using electrostatic dissipative flooring.

In order to better understand ESD and electrostatic dissipative flooring we've answered several of our most frequently-asked questions:

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USDA Approved Floor Coatings: Care and Maintenance

Posted by Jamie Gillespie on Oct 26, 2015 8:30:00 AM

In restaurants and food manufacturing facilities alike, your flooring must meet USDA standards to ensure the health and safety of your employees and customers. A simple way to accomplish this for a new or refurbished facility is to install a USDA-approved concrete floor coating.

Once this coating (which may be a specialized urethane or epoxy) has been installed, it will require proper care and maintenance in order to uphold the established standards.

Here’s a quick guide to keeping it in proper working order:

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Myths About Industrial Floor Coatings

Posted by Jamie Gillespie on Oct 19, 2015 12:47:14 PM

As in any specialized field, there are lots of misconceptions about industrial floor coatings. Oftentimes people confuse facts, mix up product types, or just buy into “common knowledge” that is anything but knowledgeable.

To clear up these misconceptions and help people decide if industrial floor coatings are right for their commercial or industrial facilities, here are some of the most common myths about industrial floor coatings dispelled:

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Why should you choose epoxy floor coatings for your workplace?

Posted by Jamie Gillespie on Oct 5, 2015 11:24:44 AM

Epoxy-2Whether you work in an industrial shop, warehouse, manufacturing plant, commercial garage, or just have a large concrete surface in your facility, an industrial epoxy floor coating can add new levels of functionality and appeal.

Here are just some of the excellent benefits of a professionally applied industrial epoxy coating:

Long-Lasting Protection

Concrete and metal flooring may be hard, but they are not indestructible. Years of foot traffic and supporting heavy equipment can lead to surface-level damage (such as spalling or excessive cracking) or even structural deterioration at a deeper level.

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How Industrial Floor Coatings Protect Your Most Important Assets

Posted by Jamie Gillespie on Sep 21, 2015 1:46:13 PM

Of course industrial floor coatings can improve the aesthetics of your business, which helps project a professional corporate atmosphere and improves customer perception of operations, but the benefits reach much farther than just making your business look good. Having floors that are properly coated for your industry leads to a safer, more efficient work environment which protects your most important asset of all — your employees.

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5 Benefits Of Epoxy Floor Coatings

Posted by Jamie Gillespie on Sep 16, 2015 1:29:19 PM

Your choice of floor coating is an integral aspect of your facility's safety and productivity. The right floor coating should require only moderate amount of maintenance and should provide you with the reliable, consistent foundation you need. The wrong floor coating—or a floor coating that’s incorrectly applied—may cost you hours dealing with unforeseen problems and expensive, time-consuming repairs.

Epoxy floor coatings are commonly used on the floor of professional mechanics or in automobile service locations, but they’re also an immensely useful commercial flooring option for many industries.

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